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Feng Xinqun

Vice President, International Society for Design Science; Professor of Donghua University, Doctoral Supervisor, Deputy Dean of College of Fashion and Art Design.
Member of Academic Committee and Academic Degree Committee of Donghua University.
Member of The National Art Professional Master Degree Education Steering Committee.
Member of the Design Major Education Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education.
Member of Fine Arts Education Committee of National Supervision Board of Architectural Education.
Deputy Director of The Chinese Industrial Design Institute of CMES.
Deputy Director of The Art Decoration Special Committee of China Furniture&Decoration Chamber of Commerce.
Member of Architectural Art Special Committee of The Architectural Society of China
Deputy Director and Secretary-General of The Shanghai Art Professional Master Degree Education Steering Committee  
Deputy Director of Environmental Art Professional Committee of Shanghai Interior Decoration Association
Member of China Artists Association
Director of Shanghai Artists Association
Deputy director of Fashion and Brand Design Committee of Shanghai Creative Workers Association
Director of the Organizing Committee of Lushan International Watercolor Art Festival
Vice President of the SSDF China, Korea and Japan Design Forum Committee
Honorary Member of the Australian Watercolor Society
Member of Asian Basic Modeling Institute and Japan Modern Art Association

New Concept Sketch, Xinqun Feng’s Watercolor Paintings, Art of Interior Space Design, Quick Sketch Techniques for Interior Design, Infinite Space, Public Environment Facility Design, Expression of Design, Element of Landscape, Fusion, Hand-Painted in Egypt and Nepal, Sorrow of Sichuan, Great Beauty, Architectural Watercolor Art, Character Watercolor Art, Travels on Watercolors, Creative Space, Watercolor Technique and Expression, Image in Mood, Scenery in Perception, The world in the small canvas.
Published more than 40 papers in core journals. Hosted and planned more than 80 academic activities, domestic and abroad exhibitions in total. Introduced by media columns more than 30 times.