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《東方設計學報》是由国际设计科学学会(ISDS)主办和出版的设计类中文(繁体)国际学术刊物,稿件一律实行编委会和同行评审,季刊,编辑部设在中国香港和上海。诚如刊名所示,本刊以发表有关东方设计的经典案例、东方设计学的专业论文为主旨,兼顾设计学的理论文章和国际设计经典案例的深度分析推介。《东方设计学报》和ISDS主办的另一刊物《International Journal of Design Science》同样是一个开放型国际性学术交流平台,不分种族、国籍、年龄、学位、职称、头衔,以论文和作品水平论英雄,且不收取任何费用。
DONG FANG SHE JI XUE BAO is a quarterly journal that published by the International Society for Design Sciences (ISDS), with editorial offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. As the title indicates, this journal aims to publish classic cases of oriental design and professional papers of oriental design, as well as theoretical articles of design and in-depth analysis and promotion of classic cases of international design. DONG FANG SHE JI XUE BAO and International Journal of Design Science, which is another publication of ISDS, are also an open International academic exchange platform, regardless of race, nationality, age, degree, title, title, only by the level of papers and works of heroes, and do not charge any fees.